Injection Moldings

The How and the Why in the Plastic Injection Moulding Industry

My story in Plastics began in Mid 1984 where I started as an operator in a plastics factory as a stop gap to what I wanted to do (I didn't know what that was) Over time I became comfortable around the machines and gained experience as an operator, then material handler to teaching materials to newcomers, then onto diesetting and troubleshooting. This culminated in a position as senior troubleshooter and eventually as supervisor. I also spent a couple of years Lecturing in Plastics at TAFE. In short I have tried my hand at every level in the plastics arena. I enjoyed diesetting the most because it was there that the most impact was imparted on the industry (from my point of view) by that I mean when you put a tool into the machine, from the initial lifting of the tool to taking parts off and   troubleshooting the finished product. It is here that problems can be seen and rectified prior to the following run.